IDMcc for Firefox Update

Quick Installation

Click the button below to perform a fresh installation or to update your existing Internet Download Manager for IDM addon.

This version will be always up-to-date and should work with the current Firefox beta version and previous versions.

Compatible with Firefox 39 beta, Firefox 38, 37 and older versions. IDM cc version: IDM CC 7.3.100
MD5 checksum: 3c854e51acfce391e09fbf3f684b5ce2

What's changed ?

Fixed integration for Firefox/Seamonkey versions up to 39 beta!

How to Install / Update

It only requires a few mouse clicks (keystrokes if you are a nerd) to install or update the addon. Just follow the steps below.
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  1. Click the "Install" button above
  2. Firefox will prompt you to install the Firefox addon.
  3. Click "Allow" to this web site to install the addon in your browser
  4. Don't worry - it's simply safe and only provides IDM integration to your buddy.

  5. Keep looking at the progress bar
  6. While your browser is downloading the addon, look at this beautiful Firefox Cup Cake!
  7. Click the "Install Now" button
  8. You will probably need to wait a few seconds until the "Install Now" button to activate.

  9. Restart Firefox
  10. Make sure you have finished all your work and click the Restart button. This will restart Firefox (duh) with the latest version of IDM cc addon installed.
  11. That's it!
  12. Go to Firefox > Addons to make sure that the IDMcc Addon is installed and enabled!

Say Thanks!

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