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Quick Installation

Click the button below to perform a fresh installation or to update your existing Internet Download Manager for IDM addon.

This version will be always up-to-date and should work with the current Firefox beta version and previous versions.

Install Addon
Version: IDM CC 6.33.2. Compatible with Firefox versions 53+, Web Extension, with support for Firefox 67 and 68
SHA1 checksum: c4e64aae6e5dab737400ebf1b039f3deb8a58afd

What's changed ?

Fixed compatibiity issues with Firefox 67.

How to Install / Update

It only requires a few click to install or update the addon. Just follow the steps below.
  1. Click the "Install Addon" button above.
  2. Firefox will prompt you to install the Firefox addon.
  3. Click "Allow" to this web site to install the addon in your browser
  4. If you have any doubts, we welcome you to check the addon with any anti-virus software.

  5. Click the "Add" button on the prompt
  6. That's it!
  7. Go to Firefox > Addons to make sure that the IDMcc Addon is installed and enabled!

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